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HMRC Investigations and Enquiries Consultancy

It’s never nice to think that people have taken advantage of you and especially when you suspect one of your own employees or fellow directors.

Investigations consultancy confidential, independent, transparent

When you feel that something isn’t right then you need to find someone you can trust who is independent and has the financial knowledge and business experience to fully investigate the situation.

Our financial investigations consultants will work with you to look at the situation you find yourself in and give you a clear and unbiased report detailing the state of play.

We can help you with

fraud investigations

Independent monitoring

internal investigations

whistleblower claims

accounting "black holes"

regulatory breaches

employee misconduct

professional negligence

Financial Crime and Fraud Investigations

If you suspect that someone is diverting funds out of your business then you need evidence.

We can work with you to discreetly analyse your records, assess your results and identify areas that simply don’t add up.

We’ll then delve deeper into the background, tracing transactions from start to finish and working with your suppliers and customers to build a complete, accurate picture of what has happened.

Our service is totally confidential and completely discreet meaning that if everything is all in order (which we hope it will be) then you haven’t upset your staff by implying wrongdoing.

If we do find some problems then we’ll sit down with you and plan the next steps, liaising with law enforcement where requested

Independent monitoring

Business works on trust and when trust breaks down it can be a difficult time.

However, sometimes it is not possible to end a relationship as the problems may occur in the middle of a long contract or cause severe problems for both parties.

We can provide qualified personnel to manage the oversight process, defining the scope of the process and ensuring that all parties are happy with the arrangements.

We’ll then monitor proceedings and provide regular, clear and transparent reports for everyone involved and where required attend meetings to answer more detailed questions.

We’re conscious of the fact that in many cases a monitoring role may last for many years and so we always seek to deliver our help in a cost-effective way that minimises the impact on trusts and ongoing contracts.

Prevention is better than cure

It’s an old saying but it is as true now as ever - “prevention is better than cure”.

Why take the chance of something going wrong when you could make sure that your systems and procedures minimise the possibility of fraud and theft?

We’re experts in systems and procedure design with an eye to reducing the likelihood of errors, fraud or theft and have worked with many clients over the years ensuring that their security is first-rate.

We know all of the common tricks that people use to illegally extract money (and the uncommon ones) and we’ll advise you as to the best way to stop fraud before it starts.

Call us now and let’s have a confidential conversation about how our financial investigators can help.


Get in touch and make the best use of your allowances

So you can see that the picture isn’t as straightforward as you may think.

We’ll show you how to organise your affairs so that you don’t get hit with a nasty tax bill and we’ll be proactive in identifying opportunities to save in the future.

Book a call now and let’s talk.

Investigation consultancy FAQ’S

Types of HMRC Investigations and Enquiries

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the United Kingdom conducts various types of investigations and enquiries to ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations. These investigations and enquiries are carried out to verify the accuracy of tax returns and assess whether individuals and businesses have paid the correct amount of tax.

What are small Companies?

In the United Kingdom, the definition of a "small company" is primarily based on the size and financial parameters of the business. The criteria for classifying a company as small can vary slightly depending on whether the company is classified as a "micro-entity," a "small company," or a "medium-sized company."

What is tax fraud?

Tax fraud occurs when a person or business deliberately under-reports or fails to report their income to HMRC in order to avoid paying the correct amount of tax. This can include falsifying invoices, exaggerating expenses or not declaring all of your income. Tax fraud is illegal and HMRC takes it very seriously


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We send regular reminders prior to submission. We'd hate for you to be late!

Save Time

We want to give you back your time. No need to waste hours going through receipts and statements.

Free Accounting Software

Our easy-to-use free accounting software makes it easy to send out invoices and keep track of expenses.

Helping you save time and money whether you are a freelancer, sole trader or limited company.

And much more

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